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6-Week Online Fiction Workshop: The Practice & Craft of Writing Fiction (Sundays) with Catapult

  • Catapult Headquarters 1140 Broadway New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

In this six-week workshop, we will explore the craft, discipline, and deep mystery of writing fiction. Writing is many things—a communication tool, a way of recording our experience and representing the world around us—but for the purposes of the writer, it is first and foremost a discipline. You will set—and meet—your own artistic expectations. Weekly writing prompts will give you the incentive to get your ass in the proverbial chair, and in-class weekly workshops will hold you accountable—not only to your classmates, but to yourself. We come into workshop for two primary reasons: to get perspective on how other people read our work, and learn how to read, ourselves. Each writer will workshop twice, and will meet once with me for an individual conference to discuss their writing goals and progress. Classes will cover structure, character development, the stakes of a story, and more; in-class writing exercises will help uncover that elusive mystery: inspiration.

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