My Self-Imposed Writing Residency: A (B)log

My cousins, who live in a beautiful house down the street from my own, asked me to house-sit while they were on vacation. I decided to take the opportunity to take the week off from work, and make some serious progress on my book. I'm calling it my self-imposed writing residency. The conditions:

  • Primary activity must be writing.
  • Each morning must consist of work on the novel (afternoons may consist of other writing projects).
  • Secondary activities lasting more than 10 minutes must be related to writing (e.g. submissions, outlining, free-writing, reading/research).
  • No Gchat, no more than 10 minutes of social media per day, no texting for fun (only for logistics purposes).
  • Daily activities must be (b)logged here, for the sake of accountability. 
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