Novel-Related Google Searches, October 2018

Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds

counties in New York State

plants native to New York State

anagram generator

Native American tribes New York State

minerals mined in New York State: garnet, zinc, salt

salt mining

other names for Persephone

last name meaning pomegranate


retractable ballpoint click pen

Novel-Related Google Searches, Summer 2017

All right, so I'm writing a new novel. It's in its very early stages, so who knows if it will turn into anything long-term. But I had been missing these novel-related Google search posts, so as I work on it I think I'll revive them. I am hoping that continuing to blog about the process will help hold me accountable. 

kitty corner catty corner caddy corner

How many people live on Planet Earth?

Abraham and Sarah

When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot for Humans?

Rotary Telephone Construction

World's Largest Rotary Telephone Collection > Georgia Rural Telephone Museum